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I'm 18 Year old, Front-End Developer, and UI Designer based in India. Also, I work in Field of Social Media Marketing.
I am the founder and CEO of the Instaeasy Marketing Agency. I am a dreamer and a fanatic of all digital things. I have many years of experience in consulting in all areas of digital.

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Instaeasy - Instagram Automation Website


Instaeasy was developed as a tool to automate Instagram Activities which will ultimately lead to the growth of an Instagram Account, Currently, we have 700+ Clients and Helping over 2000+ Accounts. I have earned more than 20,000$+ Using Instaeasy. Instaeasy has been ranked as one of the best Automation Tools in the world.


GOOODr -  Food Donation App

It is an App that works as the Bridge between Food Donator and NGOs.
Using the App NGOs can connect to the People who want to Donate Food.
It Reduces Food Wastage. Now anyone Can Donate Food From their Homes


Raven Earn - Earning App

Raven Earn was the First App that I have developed, it was basically for High School Students who want to earn an Extra Buck using their Phone.
It is a Reward App that Allow Users To Earn Money By Watching Ads, Completing Surveys, and Completing Some Offers.


PT Fit - Fitness App

PT Fit is the Next Step in the Sports Music Industry. Instead of Listening to Same Music Again and Again while walking and Running. PT fit will create Electronic Music Based on Your Walk Length and Time so You can Enjoy Your Walk. While you run, in order to help you achieve the best experience possible, it uses physiological data to generate the perfect melody! Depending on your objective, it may detect if you need a boost or on the contrary of you need to slow down in order to keep your pace. This Project Also Contains Landing Page for the Android APP.

My advise for the Young Teenagers out there Building Something 

When the Young People Start working they Face a lot of Problems like Peer Pressure, lack of Support from Others including even their Family and Financial Problems. Especially if you are From a Developing Country than, the problems would be more for you. Even the Society will try to stop achieving something in a Young Age.

But Always Remember " Humans limit is Decided by their Mind ", no matter how much anyone try to Stop You but never give up and Keep Moving Forward. A lot of People and Problems will come to Stop You but Never Give Up on Yourself or Your future. If you need any advice or Help get in Contact with me.

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